Café Interior Design

Belgrade, Serbia 2023

Accentuated by a lush display of greenery, wood and brass detailing, this café evokes serenity and sophistication while offering a welcoming atmosphere with carefully crafted lighting and flexible seating options.

The color palette will primarily consist of natural and earthy tones. Green will take center stage, complemented by warm browns from the walnut wood and the rich, metallic glow of brass accents. The neon sign will introduce playful and contrasting pops of color.

Open Space Living Area

Zürich, Switzerland 2023

Creating a warm and inviting open-concept living / dining area and kitchen by embracing a soothing beige color palette, accented with striking terracotta colored elements.

The beige walls and furniture will promote a sense of spaciousness and tranquility, while the terracotta accents, in the form of decorative cushions and kitchen cabinets, will infuse the space with energy and character, striking a perfect balance between serenity and vibrancy.

Rooftop Design

Alicante, Spain 2023

Duplex apartment located on the Spain sea shore. On the rooftop we created a small oasis to escape the city heat.

A lounge area next to the BBQ corner for enjoyable summer evenings and an elevated dining table for soaking up the magnificent view over the city towards the sea.

Kitchen Design

London, UK 2023

Large corner kitchen with a hidden pantry entrance and a combination of tall cabinets, glass front wall cabinets and open shelving.

Brass hardware, shaker style cabinet fronts and a large marble island will give a luxurious and timeless overall look of the kitchen.

Living / Dining Room

London, UK 2023

The ground floor open spaces has been imagined as a combination of modern and traditional elements and materials such as marble and wood.

Long dining table for dinner parties, a built-in media wall and a comfortable beige sofa with a touch of dark green luxury.

Kid's Room Design

Berlin, Germany 2022

The coziest bedroom for a little girl. Beautiful design and functionality are main guidelines for this project. Mint green tones and light wood make this room feel snug and inviting.

Comfortable canopy bed, lots of play area, a reading nook and plenty of storage for toys and clothes.

Loft Renovation

Belgrade, Serbia 2022

Complete loft renovation for a young couple. Since the space isn’t that big, the concept suggests large, full-length / full-height sliding door with bronze mesh glass and hazelnut wood frame and slats.

The loft is divided into two zones that complement each other perfectly when the door is open. Combination of different textures, warm toned wood, elegant polished brass details and vertical roof windows make this space warm and airy.